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About Varied / Hobbyist Kailah Jade Rodriguez19/Female/United States Group :iconthe-problem-solvers: The-Problem-Solvers
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So Sad, Sadness
So sad, isn't it?
So sad, so many in despair,
So far down,
So past help,
So far, no one to help.
So let me be there,
So let me help,
Sew your soul together
So you remain alive,
So many happy, aren't you glad?
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 34 28
good evil by FragileButts good evil :iconfragilebutts:FragileButts 2 1
Verse 1.)
Picturesque emotion filmed on location
captioned with spoonfed lies I fed you all the time
slurred off my tongue
with a 30-aught held to my head
Bullet holes to fill in the rest of the blanks
guess that "perfect"'s finally cracked
tasting like a cheap immitation
You don't really know her
do you?
Am I just a pathetic plea so desperate for attention?
You've managed to seep under my skin
Worked so hard just to fake it
Actress acting with life as her stage
Do you think she's sane?
The car crash that you're constantly wearing
doesn't match the words you seem to be swearing
don't tell me that we're the crash and burn
addicted to the taste of blood
maybe it's not love
but it can be
you're not in love
just obsessed with the smell of my skin
Verse 2.)
I'm the apparition under your sheets
in the dark so you can't speak
you're present for those pulsating moments
visible yet isolated episodes
every single word you breathed out
instantly became my secondhand smoke
can't you hear
:iconxxryra5bbit:xxRyRa5bbit 10 12
But I must confess,I'm in love with my own sins
Below the feet of the unsure adolecents,
under us is the corruption of arts and politics disfigured by the media,
polluted with bitterness and the sliver of petty disinterest.
Only the faint yet mezmerizing glow of the city lights remain,
for the purpose is to serve as a reminder.
Above us is pure and imperfect nothing.
Around us,go on, feel around,
around us lies the pathetic obsessions over materialistic goods.
Reoccuring and distorted by the cameras.
Standing confidently behind me and my stiff and insecure figure,
your skeletal,pale arms surround me,
they contrast with your dark choice in clothing,
spread across my own like delicate wings.
                       "Have you ever thought about drowning?"
:iconxxryra5bbit:xxRyRa5bbit 12 5
Dreamer's Suicidal Temptations
Why does it always have to end up like this? Why can I never actually be happy? Happy and actually being the keywords here. I just want to live my own fairy tale with magic and rainbows and unicorns and glitter,is that too much to ask? Just for once, something not temporary, something I can hold on to. But no, my prayers are never answered. Are they? Don't know, we're all predictable, we're all a tease, we're all disposable. No, I'm living another shade of nightmares, a lighter tone, a happier shade, but a nightmare no less.
"Why can't you just deal?" he yelled, pinning me to the wall.
"What if I don't want to?" I shakily replied, a burning sensation in the back of my irises.
"Weakling." he said, spitting in my face.
"Liar." I replied, trying to muster enough venom. He laughed.

Now don't worry about me, you never had, so why start now? Be good little boys and girls and maybe you'll gain some composure. Maybe. I don't even want to do this, not now, not fully, not yet. I need to
:iconxxryra5bbit:xxRyRa5bbit 16 13
We've all heard it from one time to another,
Most experienced it as well,
Constantly, we are labeled, whether it be
From our looks, or how we may first
Act around a newcomer.
Try to act humble and quiet,
You are labeled as weak.
If you can do just about anything decent,
Of quality or acceptance,
You're labeled as a showoff.
So often it happens,
For all I care, we can just be packed up,
Shipped away to yet more pointless duties.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 26 121
Emo Boys by ZephrWiltshire Emo Boys :iconzephrwiltshire:ZephrWiltshire 512 41 Emo Love Kitty by green4gfx Emo Love Kitty :icongreen4gfx:green4gfx 390 46 EMO by Agiss8 EMO :iconagiss8:Agiss8 263 56
Random Thoughts
• That awkward moment when you want to jump in a pool filled with cheese its, and try not to break any…
• Look at me, now look at yourself, now look back at me! You look funny turning your head so fast.
• I hate those "visitor" things on deviantART users' profiles… Makes me look like a stalker…
• "So, what are you doing up in that tree there?" "Definitely not stalking you, if it seems like that."
• Zoning out and accidently staring at someone during class, and then realizing they are staring back …. O.e
• "David!? Did you eat the blueberry muffins?!" "You left them on the counter uncovered, how could I not?"
• Saying "I'm so sorry" to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend's current lover before anything even happens.
• "Well, we are in a pickle then!" "We... are... in a pickle...? That's just wrong and disturbing to the pickled community…"
• When people ask me if I have a Facebook, I tell them to hit me in the face with a boo
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 23 50
Big Mac Please by idoartguy Big Mac Please :iconidoartguy:idoartguy 21 65
.tell me a lie_
she said, "Lie to me"
     he said, "I love you"
:iconmaskqueraide:maskqueraide 978 54
More lies,
More promises.
More betrayal,
Or so it seems.
More discarding
Of peoples lives.
More hate,
More love.
You shall give,
And you shall receive,
Oh what lies,
Just as good as a lie
As myself,
My words.
My promises.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 22 11
Change Doesn't Come Easy
I will not back down,
I will not stop,
Because quite honestly,
all the hate I've received
Only proves how much more important
This cause really is.
This proves what I am up against,
Shows the cowardice of the world.
I am not afraid to fight
For what I truly believe in,
And the cruelty I've been sent,
Most of which without much logical reason.
I refuse to "change the topic"
Only because I way what others
Are too fearful to stand up for.
I will lead a pack of misfits
To the very end,
And we will someday be on top perhaps.
We will not stop,
We will continue on,
We will change this world.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 21 48
Walk Away
And so they say
Sometimes you just need to walk away,
And see who follows.
I did this one day,
Walked away, far away,
But sadly no one followed.
And so back home I walk,
Head hung with sorrow,
A pencil drawn smile.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 20 32
Screwed down to the floor,
Bolted, forever stuck in place.
The gears are moving,
the machine is breathing,
Yet, you stand still,
Stuck, and forever glued to your past,
Present and future.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 15 31


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Kailah Jade Rodriguez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm not sure many if you will remember me. It's been a very long time since I was on here last. I am coming back though. I may not be doing a lot of art due to stress with school and home, but if anyone wants to talk I will respond. I look forward to talking with ya'll and seeing new works.(:



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Thank you for the watch!
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PinkPokeball Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Here's something you outta know about the girl you're watching.

A while back =SmotsFridgley faked a suicide on her old account, !CQ-Doodles that was supposedly deactivated by her parents, who were grieving over her death.

The girl that pretended to commit suicide, trearing apart all her friend's hearts, just so she could run away from saying "i'm sorry" to a couple of people. She put the blame on those couple of people, saying they were the ones that pushed her to suicide, making all of her friends and watchers completely and utterly rip them apart.

And now she's lying more, in order to get out of it AGAIN, by saying those people hacked her and put the blame on themselves!

Who would even do that? Who would put themselves through hell with all the grieving people flaming them? No "Hacker" would ever say a user committed suicide, and them blame themselves for it. That's seriously dumb, and she's digging herself a bigger hole.
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And why are you telling me this? I've never even talked to her.
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