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About Varied / Hobbyist Kailah Jade Rodriguez19/Female/United States Group :iconthe-problem-solvers: The-Problem-Solvers
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Walk Away
And so they say
Sometimes you just need to walk away,
And see who follows.
I did this one day,
Walked away, far away,
But sadly no one followed.
And so back home I walk,
Head hung with sorrow,
A pencil drawn smile.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 20 32
Screwed down to the floor,
Bolted, forever stuck in place.
The gears are moving,
the machine is breathing,
Yet, you stand still,
Stuck, and forever glued to your past,
Present and future.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 15 31
Glowing yellow and red,
The sky has the ingredients to make orange,
Yet the colors of flames do not mix.
The tar scratches at your feet
And shakes with the rumbling of the Earth,
For above you, a rock engulfed with heat
And end lights up the evening sky,
Brighter than the sun,
Its heat so much stronger.
Like a firework that ceases to
Stop exploding, the hell bringer
Falls out of the sky,
Lands at your feet,
Surprisingly quiet and soft spoken,
So you blow away,
Dust is your body now,
And with the up hail gusts the doomsday
Meteor brought,
You drift away in the wind,
Death never being sweeter.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 22 10
Fitting In
I could,
Oh trust me, I could.
So easily could I change my appearance,
Both inside and out,
So easily can I become another,
Another part of a widespread group,
Yet, I do not,
I do not speak to it,
My opinions kept silent,
My thoughts rarely expressed.
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 27 156
"Why do you cry over such the littlest things?"
They ask.
"Why wear dark clothing all the time?"
They ask.
"Why must you bleed yourself all the time, you pain loving freak!"
They say.
"Wouldn't you too if you were put down,
Had shame thrown upon you over anything you do,
And no one there to lend a hand?"
We answer.
"Why bring color into such a sad, sad world?
Do you not see all the pain people endure,
Are you that blind to the light before you?
What if it is just our style?"
We answer.
"Do you not know the suffering we put up with,
Day after day,
Week after week?
We all need a bit of distraction,
And don't think of it as uncommon either,
For I bet many you know have done it as well."
We answer.
Why, why must we be so put down?
Why must society exclude us,
Only because we are different?
Why do people hate what they call "Emos"?
:iconidoartguy:idoartguy 272 471
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Kailah Jade Rodriguez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm not sure many if you will remember me. It's been a very long time since I was on here last. I am coming back though. I may not be doing a lot of art due to stress with school and home, but if anyone wants to talk I will respond. I look forward to talking with ya'll and seeing new works.(:



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KyleAndTheClassics Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the watch!
Art-is-my-Boyfriend Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem(:
PinkPokeball Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
Here's something you outta know about the girl you're watching.

A while back =SmotsFridgley faked a suicide on her old account, !CQ-Doodles that was supposedly deactivated by her parents, who were grieving over her death.

The girl that pretended to commit suicide, trearing apart all her friend's hearts, just so she could run away from saying "i'm sorry" to a couple of people. She put the blame on those couple of people, saying they were the ones that pushed her to suicide, making all of her friends and watchers completely and utterly rip them apart.

And now she's lying more, in order to get out of it AGAIN, by saying those people hacked her and put the blame on themselves!

Who would even do that? Who would put themselves through hell with all the grieving people flaming them? No "Hacker" would ever say a user committed suicide, and them blame themselves for it. That's seriously dumb, and she's digging herself a bigger hole.
Art-is-my-Boyfriend Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
And why are you telling me this? I've never even talked to her.
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